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Whitepaper "From No-Code to Real Code" Download!

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From No-code
to Real code

While low-code/no-code platforms offer expedited development and accessibility benefits, transitioning to real code introduces complexities related to precision, scalability, security, avoiding vendor lock-in, full lifecycle ownership, and collaboration with specialized developers. Finding the right balance between these approaches is crucial for successful software development.

Generative AI, on the other hand, is transforming the coding landscape. Tools like GitHub Copilot assist developers by providing code suggestions and even entire functions based on natural language prompts. This enhancement boosts efficiency, creativity, and collaboration, allowing developers to focus on innovation while automating repetitive tasks.

The synergy between human ingenuity and AI is reshaping how we approach coding. In this in-depth whitepaper, you’ll discover the key decision factors involved in choosing the right approach for your product and software development activities.


What you will find inside

  • How software development came to existence; the evolution from the first line of code to today's AI and automation.

  • What are low-code and no-code along with their benefits and pitfalls.

  • No-code, real code, which one is the right approach for your next product?

  • How open source empowers developers to craft deeply personalized and innovative solutions.